~ Words of Jupiter // Pagan porn photo series by Hungarian descent Marton Mikel.

Fuck censorship . by . Pornceptual


Foldes.Dora - 'THIS IS US'

Fabienne Verdier in her atelier.


~ Raw Lines: Dora Földes - A true Hungarian Babe

Amazing Dori Varga’s mini post about me.


It’s such an amazing moment when I discover a fresh and new artist from home: Dora Földes has just started to seriously get into painting a few months ago, but found her own style and recognition quickly. Dora has already been invited to take part in group shows and also to show her art in a…

They say it’s Salvador Dalí <3

The animator’s wife drank a bottle of wine, then wanted to tell him a joke..

Cutest cuteness.


Banksy’s ballerina


Rineke Dijkstra’s I can see a woman crying became one of my favorite artworks.

Unfortunately the video is not available online in a good quality. So try to visit a R.D. exhibition in live asap :)

Rineke Dijkstra photographed by Daphne Channa Horn.

Portrait of Louise Bourgeois with Fillette, 1968, by Robert Mapplethorpe, 1982

Je vous aime.

JR and Mathieu Kassowitz

Source: JR’s instagram

One of The wrinkles of the city project in Shanghai

Go check his works everybody: http://www.jr-art.net/projects/